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A session with Aaron Gustwiller of Divine Guided Healing is an alternative, no touch, healing session, which brings out and clears from the subconscious mind suppressed and hidden traumas and negative experiences. He finds the root cause of your limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviors and works with you to remove those blocks and gain clarity, which allows you to be in control of your life and find freedom.

Aaron possesses incredible intuitive and healing abilities and utilizes them to get to the core of emotional pain, limiting beliefs and past traumas. In a session he gains information from past events, communicates with you to uncover suppressed emotions and then clears them from your energy field. As a result, you may feel lighter, more energetic, gain clarity as well as find guidance in solving some of your issues.

  • Understand why you do the things you do.

  • Clear stress in any area of your life.

  • Release trauma from your present and past.

  • Heal your emotional wounds.

  • Experience more freedom, clarity and joy.

Relationship and Energy Healing

Our 7 main chakras are energy centers that hold onto our heavy negative emotions. These energy centers need to be restored by clearing and balancing them every so often, which is done by removing the heavy emotional energies that have been weighing on you and slowing you down in your busy life.

Within the healing session I work with different modalities to align your chakras. I utilize an integrative and holistic approach that focuses on identifying and addressing current stressors, exploring life events and family dynamics. Finally we talk on how to develop a more positive thought process, which will help you with your emotions and reactions in your life.

Aaron is accepting appointments on Friday afternoons from 12-4 pm at Brookview Wellness. Please call us at 919-577-2225 to schedule!

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Aaron Gustwiller

Aaron Gustwiller

Spiritual Healer

My Story

I’m Aaron Gustwiller and I have a gift of healing through a connection with my spirit guides. My experiences with spirits started at an early age. My earliest memory was when I was 9-10 years old and I awoke from my sleep and I saw ghosts. My mother told me one night when I was scared that it was just me continuing a dream that I was having. After that moment for many years I didn’t see them.

The next time I had a ghost experience was when I was 32 years old at my grandma’s funeral when I saw my deceased uncle and father. Two years later on July 17, 2015, I had my spiritual awakening that shifted my consciousness toward me doing this line of work. In February of 2016, I was told by a number of mediums that I have healing energy and that I would be using my hands and words to do my healing work.

Shortly after that bit of knowledge I was guided to begin my training in April and May 2016 within Reiki and Shamanism respectively. Now my spirit guides use my hands to guide them over the different chakras in need of healing. I am continuing to learn through books, classes and meditation.

“Before my session, I was very bitter and feeling depressed most of the day. My issues were weighing me down and affecting my everyday life. Afterwards, I felt very light, somewhat lifted. My way of thinking had now changed. I could see the other side of things instead just my way. I felt more like living now; things weren’t as bad as I thought. I feel relieved that I have the heaviness and bitterness off my chest.”
“Our session was most similar to EMDR (rapid eye movement therapy intended for trauma and re-processing old pain) – which I did that for 1 year.

Within our one session it got to some of the core pain and a lot was processed in one session. What you did was the exact healing that my soul was ready for in that moment, which I had prayed for all day and the night prior to our session.

I am quite frankly overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you!”

“I’m getting clarity and focus, which has been hard since Pat (my husband) died. It really helped going back to my childhood. That has given me more clarity of who I am. I feel very open and can talk to you about anything. The trust was immediate with you. I liked that you had me write down phrases to use as a mantra to help me thru the day and night.”
“Thank you Aaron for your kind and gentle healing approach. During our healing session I experienced a profound sense of being understood. The insights you offered touched on issues that had been deeply repressed and through years of work were not able to be accessed. Within the first session, you were able to assist me in my healing and since then I have experienced major shifts in my life and relationships. Not only has forgiveness been an element of this, but also self-love, inner peace, and finding true love. Many thanks!”