Massage Therapy

All Massages Are Not The Same

Your needs will dictate the type of massage you need. We offer all of the following.


Swedish massage is good for those who are new to massage therapy or for those who do not receive massage therapy very often. Swedish style of massage is generally slower and more gentle than other styles of massage.


Deep tissue massage is beneficial for those who have chronic pain. Deep Tissue uses many of the same strokes and techniques as a Swedish massage however, there is more pressure applied to the body.


Sports massage is designed to enhance an athlete’s performance. The primary techniques used for this type of massage are compression and jostling. Light stretching may also be applied during this the massage.


If someone has ever had a cancer, lymphadema, swelling, stiffness or fibromyalgia this style of massage moves excess lymph fluid and it would be beneficial as it is gentle, calming and relaxing massage.

Choose Your Time

We offer the follow massage times to make sure you have the time you need for recovery.

New Client Paperwork

PLEASE NOTE: For your safety we require a note from your primary care provider releasing you for massage if you have any of the following conditions: Any cardiovascular issues, currently receiving chemo or radiation for cancer treatment or history of blood clotting disorders.

New Patient Massage Intake Form

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