Avoid a Halloween Hangover

Avoid a Halloween Hangover

Do you have a pile of leftover Halloween candy? It’s easy to rack up too many calories and fall prey to sugar overload, especially if you have trouble limiting yourself (like I do). Here are some ideas to get the candy out of the house pronto, feel good about donating to a good cause, and maybe, just maybe, you can get your kids to participate too!

Local dentists and orthodontists. Does yours have a buy back program? Many offer incentives and will even pay you for candy by the pound then donate the candy to troops overseas. If you’re in southern Wake County, Khara Orthodontics and Fritz Orthodontics are two that participate.

Local Ronald McDonald House. Provides affordable housing for families with children receiving medical treatment. They accept donations of many kinds. Call ahead to verify. Search for the closest location here.

Solidiers’ Angels. Candy is donated to deployed service member around the world or to veterans at VA Hospitals around the country. You can search by zip code on their website to find a drop off location for their Treats for Troops Program or you can email InKind@SoldiersAngels.org for a location to ship your candy.

Operation Gratitude. Similar to Soldiers’ Angels, they distribute candy to deployed troops and first responders. Check for drop locations here.

Local Food Pantries or Retirement Centers. Give them a call and see if they accept candy donations.

Now you can feel good on the inside and out!





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