It’s Here… Prepare Yourself for the COVID-19 aka Coronavirus

It’s Here… Prepare Yourself for the COVID-19 aka Coronavirus

With the recent out breaks of the COVID-19 aka, Coronavirus spilling into the US, and just reported here in Wake County, NC. I want to take this time to let you know how to prepare your immune system in the event you are exposed to the virus. First of all please look at the the data, the Coronavirus is much like the flu virus. However, at this time the flu has caused many more illness and fatalities than the Coronavirus. The virus affects those with depleted immune systems the worst. So what so we do about it???

First of all practice clean hygiene, wash your hands with soap and warm water, and avoid touching your face and mouth. Don’t share cups, forks or your favorite breakfast smoothie with your 20 month old little man… He loves his mommies smoothie, and will go to no end to get his little hands on it!

What to do…

Here is the following nutritional support that I recommend and take personally to strengthen your immune system…

Immune support for Cold, Flu and the recent Coronavirus

1 – Fish Oil – Omega Co or Omega- SE – Only difference is Liquid vs. Capsule, pick one Inflammation / Immune support
2 – Vitamins A, D, E, K – Ultra – D 5,000 – Immune Support
3 – Probiotic – Strengtia – GI / Immune Support
4 – Glutathione – Trizomal Glutathione, Glutathione 250 –  Master Antioxidant – Only difference is Liquid vs. Capsule, pick one
       — If you have a cold with congestion and excess mucus use the Glutathione Recycler
5 – EnteroVite – GI Immune function and Energy Support
6 – Vitamin C / Lysine – For any and all Viral Infections, colds, shingles and herpes.

Everything you need, available ONLINE!

We just recently added a NEW ONLINE STORE that carries many of our products that we recommend in the office! To order please email us at and request to have this protocol shared with you.