Are there any Chiropractic adjustments that don’t cause the cracking sound?

Are there any Chiropractic adjustments that don’t cause the cracking sound?

If you have had Chiropractic care before, then you probably know that a manual adjustment can cause a loud cracking sound. But what if you don’t like the cracking sound or you don’t want to be manually adjusted? You might be wondering if you need a manual adjustment or if there are other options for you.

Everybody’s condition can vary, so not everybody’s treatment is the same. Based on your condition, you may require a manual adjustment or possibly a different type of adjustment. If you are someone who doesn’t like the noise, read on below where we will be discussing some techniques used in our office that will help you avoid the cracking sound.

How can a Chiropractor adjust without causing a cracking sound?

One method used to adjust is an instrument called the Activator®. The Activator® technique utilizes a handheld tool that is highly accurate by utilizing neurological tests to adjust the joints. The adjustments from the Activator® are gentle, safe and effective for all ages.

The Activator® can help treat not only spinal complaints, but also problems in the shoulders, arms and legs as well. Here at Brookview Wellness Dr. Alex does the Activator Technique.

This is the


Thompson Drop Technique

The Thompson drop is another technique that we use in our office. This type of adjustment is a great technique that doesn’t cause a cracking sound. This method does use more force than the Activator®, but it is very effective in helping with low back pain and pelvic pain. If you are having pain in these areas, the Thompson Drop might be great for you. This technique utilizes a lever that raises a part of the the table enabling the Chiropractor to adjust the joint as the table drops back down. Don’t worry though, it’s a small drop and nothing to be afraid of.

The drop piece in the neutral position.
The drop piece in the raised position.

The Activator® and Thompson Drop Techniques are some of the methods Dr. Alex uses to adjust the joints in the body. These options can be just as effective as a manual adjustment that causes the cracking sound or sometimes even better! Remember everybody’s body is a little different, so these techniques may or may not be the right ones for you and your condition. Let us help you figure out the best methods for you.

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