Natural Remedies for Your Seasonal Allergies

Natural Remedies for Your Seasonal Allergies

seasonal allergies

It’s that time of year again. We are in the midst of the annual “Great Pollening” in North Carolina, and it is a miserable month for many who suffer from seasonal allergies. This month on the Brookview Wellness blog we are discussing what causes allergies and natural ways to get some much needed relief.

What is an Allergy?

To make it simple, an allergy is your immune system being a big ole drama queen about a foreign substance. These substances would normally be considered harmless by your body, but that is not the case if you have a particular sensitivity to that allergen. Your immune system thinks you are in danger and signals all kinds of reactions to protect you from the allergen. Mucus, inflammation, sneezing, watery eyes and rashes are all ways your body is trying to expel the substance and protect you.

Unchecked Allergies

It can be tempting to let your allergies go unmitigated, particularly if they are mild. While long term effects of mild allergies are rare, the same can’t be said for more severe reactions to seasonal allergies. Often seasonal allergies lead to rhinitis which involves sneezing, a runny nose and congestion. Inflamed sinuses do not drain well and harbor bacteria. Leaving rhinitis and this inflammation unchecked can cause chronic sinus and ear infections, asthma or some skin conditions. Sinus infections are typically fungal and can be related to antibiotic use causing leaky gut which is a common issue we treat at Brookview Wellness.

Functional medicine details that the key to conquering your allergies lives in the gut. Leaky gut can be the root cause of environmental allergens as well as food allergens. Leaky gut is a condition that causes inflammation of the digestive tract due to sensitivities to things such as gluten, dairy, eggs and grains. This inflammation in your gut creates a porous environment allowing toxins to pass into your system which creates further inflammation throughout the body. Joint pain, fatigue, chronic pain, brain fog, autoimmune disorders and even seasonal allergies can be the result. 

Suspect that leaky gut may be the culprit to your seasonal allergies? An anti-inflammatory diet could be the solution. Schedule a discovery call with Dr. Brooke to discuss how fixing your gut could also fix your seasonal and environmental allergies. 

Get Some Allergy Relief

Thankfully, there are lots of natural remedies for allergies that can make this time of year a bit more tolerable. Here are a few of our favorites. 

Apple Cider Vinegar 

Not only does ACV help you build a strong immune system, but it can decrease inflammation in your body. Less inflammation makes allergy attacks more manageable. 


Another great anti-inflammatory remedy with natural anti-allergic properties. Turmeric contains curcumin which inhibits the histamine release in your mast cells. 

Vitamin C

This powerhouse can reduce inflammation and also acts as an antioxidant and antihistamine. Lots of studies have shown that upping your Vitamin C intake can have a significant benefit to how your body deals with allergies. 


This antioxidant is found in onions, apples and other produce. It acts as a natural antihistamine and can lessen the effects of rhinitis. 


The gut benefits of probiotics are many, but they can also help you control your allergies. Taking a regular probiotic can help relieve your seasonal allergies and lead to less allergy attacks and milder symptoms. 


This is a natural enzyme found in pineapple and papaya. Its anti-inflammatory qualities can help reduce swelling and improve breathing. 

Stinging Nettles

This leaf is a natural antihistamine with anti-inflammatory qualities.

Omega 3 Fish Oils

These fats have strong anti-inflammatory properties and can be added into your routine with a simple supplement. 

Allergies don’t have to be the center of attention this month. We hope this article leaves you with some easy solutions to a more comfortable allergy season. Managing these nuisances is just one piece of the puzzle in optimizing your health. Want to talk about how Dr. Brooke can help you with your journey to conquer allergies and obtain wellness? Schedule a discovery call today!