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Uncovering Food Sensitivities

If you have school age children and spend any time volunteering in the classroom it probably won’t come as a shock that almost 6 million children or up to two in every classroom are affected by food allergies. Did you know that nearly 40% of those children have already experienced a severe or life-threatening reaction?…
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What An Elimination Diet Did For Me

I never thought I would (EVER) try an elimination diet. I love food. My diet is relatively healthy. I don’t have any major health issues. I don’t have any food sensitivities. That I know of. Why would I eliminate any food that I enjoy, nevertheless entire food groups? So when my best friend visiting from Georgia…
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Zoodles and Swoodles, Oh My!

In honor of National Nutrition Month and in an attempt to eat more vegetables I decided to jump on the spiralizer bandwagon. Several years ago I tried one of the cylindrical spiralizers and the razor broke off the first time I used it. Highly disappointing (not to mention a little dangerous)! I had almost given…
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Plagued By Chronic Pelvic Pain?

This week is designated worldwide as Endometriosis Awareness Week. It’s estimated that between 6-11% of women suffer from endometriosis but it’s difficult to know for certain because some woman experience few or no symptoms and go undiagnosed. According to the National Institute of Health, endometriosis is a term used to describe a condition when the lining…
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Spring Fever Brings Sore Muscles

The weather has been unseasonably warm this winter but the few cold days keep me holed up inside as I really have an intolerance for cold (born and raised right here in NC, I realize I’d never survive a northern winter). I have managed to drag myself out to run two to three times a…
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Happy National Cook a Sweet Potato Day!

Say what? I’m not sure who designated this day National Cook a Sweet Potato Day, but count me in! Do you like sweet potatoes? I didn’t really appreciate them until I started cooking as an adult. My mom didn’t make them very often but I do remember occasionally having them as a kid baked and…
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Coconut Butter Spreads

I love to mix flavored butters. Over the years I’ve made dozens of different flavor combinations to slather on veggies, meats, breads, you name it. But if you’re trying to limit or eliminate dairy products it’s “bye-bye” butter. When I came across these recipes for Coconut Butter Spreads I was really intrigued and decided I…
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You Can Feel Good About This Valentine Treat

I have a confession to make. I love chocolate. Not just a little crush but a serious Cookie Monster “can’t stop won’t stop” kind of relationship. Moderation is definitely out the window with me and chocolate. With that in mind I’m constantly looking for ways to get my chocolate fix without falling prey to the…
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Easy DIY Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

No need to spend tons of money on various sugar scrubs that may even end up irritating your skin. Tame that winter dryness and create your own moisturizing exfoliant at home in just a few minutes!