Functional Medicine

How Can Functional Medicine Help Me?

Chronic disease is continuing to sharply increase in our society, and most physicians are not adequately trained to assess the underlying causes of inflammation. Functional medicine and chiropractic involve understanding the origins, prevention, and treatment of complex, chronic disease. Together, they use a combination of strategies including nutrition, diet and exercise – most importantly prevention. Through functional medicine, Dr. Brooke has helped patients suffering with migraines, diabetes, fibromyalgia, hormonal imbalance, irritable bowel, SIBO, autoimmunity and weight gain, along with many other conditions.

What You Eat & Drink Has a Profound Effect on Your Health

The food we eat and the supplements we take have a profound effect on our health and how our bodies function. If we eat too many processed foods, our bodies do not receive enough of the right nutrients to function right. It is important to include whole foods into your daily diet, including fruits and vegetables.


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