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Welcome New Patients!

We are excited you have chosen us as part of your health journey. To make sure we get started on the right path, we require first time massage patients to book a New Patient Session. Simply select the “New Patient Session” of whichever time length is appropriate when scheduling online.

New Patient Forms

After booking your appointment, a link to fill out your forms online will be emailed to you. Please fill these out ahead of time so you can have your full appointment time.
If you have answered a question on a previous form for one of the other practioners, your answers will be compiled in your patient profile.

PLEASE NOTE: For your safety we require a note from your primary care provider releasing you for massage if you have any of the following conditions: Any cardiovascular issues, currently receiving chemo or radiation for cancer treatment or history of blood clotting disorders. If you have had Covid-19 you are at an increased risk of blood clots.

New Patient Session

The New Patient Session gives us time to review your health history, uncover any relevant injuries, accidents or surgeries from your past, assess the extent of your condition, and analyze your posture. This all allows us to create a plan of action before ever laying on hands. This service is an extra 30 minutes and a $30 fee is the included in the price.

All Massages Are Not The Same

Your condition will dictate the type of massage you need. We customize our sessions the following ways:


When pain and restriction flare up it takes a special touch to bring the body back into balance. De-sensitizing the nervous system, eliminating active trigger points, restoring circulation, and mobilizing soft tissues are a process that can take multiple sessions. 


Do you stay active? Do you know your job requires bad ergonomics or frequent physical strain? Don’t wait for problems to take you out of action! Identify problem areas before they cause pain or injury and stay at the peak performance using techniques like Deep Tissue, Trigger Point release, and Active/Passive stretches.


For those with chronic stress, taking the time to relax can make a big difference in mental, emotional, and physical health. Combining gentle techniques like swedish massage and passive stretching, we loosen the body, pacify the nervous system, and calm the mind.


Special conditions require special care, so we also have a special touch for people dealing with pregnancy, Lymphedema, Lipedema, extensive scarring, arthritis, and more.

Choose Your Time

Selecting how long of a massage you get is based around a few factors: how many problem areas need to be addressed, how long have you had them, and how intense are they. For longer or more intense problem areas, consider a longer session or a heat therapy upgrade.

Customize and Enhance Your Session

Some session enhancements require extra set-up or preparation. Let us know to customize your session by leaving a request in the notes when you schedule online. You can also message Marcia through your patient portal to request an upgrade to a future session.

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Prenatal Massage:   cost included

During Pregnancy, special care is needed to ensure that mother is supported on the table.

We also ensure the key problems of neck, shoulder, and low back pain as well as swelling in the feet/legs are addressed.

Notifying the therapist you need a Prenatal Session allows them to adjust our Body Cushions for your support and comfort.

Active/Passive Stretching: cost included

 Combining stretches into the massage is a great way to help the athletic or those dealing with chronic tension.

Stretching is a way we can calm an anxious nervous system and increase our range of motion.

Please wear yoga type clothing to your stretch session and schedule 1 hour for half the body or 2 hours for the whole body

Weighted Heat Pack:

Heat increases circulation and reduces pain sensitivity. This is helpful for people with active pain.

Most frequently used on the back after massage, it can also be beneficial for: menstrual cramps,
cold feet, knee/leg  pain, and more.

Please notify the therapist you want a Heat Pack added 

(heat therapies not advised for inflamed areas or injuries within first 24 hours)

Hot Stone Massage: $10/body area

Unlike how some spas will let a hot stone rest in place, this upgrade uses the stones as a tool. 

Increase blood flow & relaxation, soften fascia faster during myofascial work, and ease trigger point senstivity by adding Hot Stones to the massage.

Please notfiy the therapist you want Hot Stones added for appropriate warming.