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The Gardner’s Workout

Marcia Guy LMBT, CPT The Gardner’s Workout Warm Up: 10 Arm Circles (10 forward and 10 backward) 10 Windmills 10 Jumping Jacks Exercise Circuit: 8-15 Deadlift 8-15 Prisoner Squat 8-15 Bent Over Row – Check below for Success Tips – The Gardner’s Stretch This stretch protocol is a good cool-down after the workout, or can…
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Beginners Workout Guide

The Easy Workout Guide for Beginners

By: Marcia Guy LMBT, CPT Starting to Workout is Hard I get it, any new habit is hard to establish; but exercise can be even more tricky. Not only do the benefits take weeks to start seeing, but it involves hard work, and frequently a bit of pain. To top this off, gym culture and…
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